Hey, I’m

Matt Kelliher.

I develop experiences for the web.

St. Petersburg, FL

I'm a full-stack web developer at PPK, an advertising agency in Tampa, FL. I specialize in web application and CMS development using PHP and Javascript.

Selected Projects

Florida Lottery Player's Guide Website Screenshot
Florida Lottery

Florida Lottery Player’s Guide Website

Built with: Hugo, Vue.js, Tailwind CSS

This is a multilingual website built to inform Florida Lottery players about playing and winning responsibly. There are many subtle animations throughout the site, custom quizzes, and performance optimizations. The primary site is built to be as WCAG AA compliant as possible while maintaining design fidelity, with an additional simpler accessible alternative available.

Florida Lottery - The Game of Florida Trivia Screenshot
Florida Lottery

The Game of Florida Trivia Website

Built with: Laravel, Vue.js, Tailwind CSS, Terraform

This microsite gave players the change to enter daily giveaways by answering Florida-themed trivia questions. There were over 19K participants the first week, and nearly 200K game plays within the first 6 weeks. I built an API with Laravel, SPA frontend with Vue.js, and a scalable load balanced server infrastructure with Terraform on Digital Ocean. The site was also built for WCAG AA compliance.

Pinch A Penny Website Screenshot
Pinch A Penny

Pinch A Penny Website

Built with: Laravel, Vue.js

I built a custom CMS using Laravel, with a Vue.js admin interface. The site is heavily integrated with Shopify* and various other third party API’s, including a custom service their internal IT team developed for displaying customer data. It’s also built using Redis as a caching layer and session handler and Azure’s blob storage for data storage to handle horizontal scaling (should the need arise in the future). Various tracking pixels are implemented, as well as custom event and goal tracking piped through Google Tag Manager.

* The client has since transitioned to a customized Magento solution.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium Screenshot
Clearwater Marine Aquarium

CMA Rescue Map

Built with: WordPress, Vue.js, Tailwind CSS, Mapbox

This is an interactive map designed to showcase the journey of animals from being rescued, rehabbed, and released by the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. The data is driven by the WordPress REST API and presented in a complex responsive Vue component with much care given to the user experience. This map is built to be as accessible as possible while maintaining design fidelity.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium Website Screenshot
Clearwater Marine Aquarium

CMA Website

Built with: WordPress (Roots), Genesis Theme Framework, Vue.js, Tailwind CSS

The Clearwater Marine Aquarium asked us to split their WordPress site into two visitor-focused and nonprofit-focused websites. They were unhappy with the performance of their existing page builder plugin, so we decided to migrate the content to the newer Gutenberg editor. I developed over 30 custom blocks to present the content, and our team migrated hundreds of pages and blog posts to the new system.

Double Negative Games

Disc Golf Game Tool

Built with: Vue.js, Godot, FaunaDB

This is a tool I built to help prototype disc golf flights in Godot. After experimenting with real-time flight physics, I wanted to try a heavily predetermined flight system for more granular control. Flight paths are entered with 2D bezier curves and converted into 3D paths, with Godot-driven flight previews in the browser.

Pinch A Penny

Pinch A Penny Page Builder

Built with: Laravel, Vue.js

This is a component-based page builder built in Vue.js for use in the Pinch A Penny CMS. After working with Gutenberg for the CMA website, and creating the newsletter builder for Lennar, I wanted to develop a similar experience for Pinch A Penny for more flexible content authoring.


Lennar Email Newsletter Builder

Built with: Laravel, Vue.js

Designers dynamically create newsletters by selecting and sorting components, uploading images, and editing copy in the browser. Newsletters are then able to be downloaded as a ZIP file with CSS inlined, tracking codes applied to links, and image paths updated to relative locations. The editor interface is built in VueJS, which connects to an API built in Laravel.

Bright House

Bright House Price Slider

Built with: KineticJS

This is an interactive price slider built using KineticJS. Users are presented with cable package offers on an interactive timeline. Special care was given to ensure optimal performance on mobile devices. The application was built to handle dynamic location-dependent offers provided by their in-house CMS.

GTE Home Free

GTE Home Free Voting Contest

Built with: SlimPHP, jQuery, Mailgun

This was a series of mini websites to display finalists for a mortgage giveaway contest and allow users to vote on a ‘social vote’ winner. The backend API was built using SlimPHP, and frontend was developed with PureCSS and bespoke Javascript. The app successfully handled thousands of visits and votes per day. Transactional emails were offloaded to Mailgun.


Daktronics Video Message Sync

Built with: Go

Clients create custom digital advertisements through a web application. My role was to write Windows software to sync advertisements between digital billboard hardware and the main web application.


MOSI Projects

MOSI Mission: Moonbase

Built with: Unity3D, Objective-C, AS3

NASA-sponsored Unity3D and Flash exhibits about colonizing the moon in 2070. Raise fish and crops, mine and process minerals, launch shipments with a rail gun, build a water processing plant, and more. Other exhibits include touch tables for viewing lunar facts and videos, as well as an augmented reality exhibit using iPads to “scan” the interior of cargo crates. I designed and developed the majority of the software for these exhibits, and managed a team of additional developers to help offload some of the work from myself.

MOSI Paint the Ice

Built with: Objective-C

iPad-based finger painting exhibit for a Tampa Bay Lightning centered installation developed in Objective-C. Users paint a design which is covered in a layer of ice and hockey players.

Work Experience

Senior Software Developer
PPK – Tampa, FL

August 2014 – Present
March 2011 – July 2012*

Work collaboratively with clients and in-house designers to provide full-stack development for custom content management systems, interactive web tools, single page apps, lead generating websites, and more. Care is given to ensure products are cross-browser compatible, responsively designed, search engine optimized, tracking analytics, and WCAG compliant (as-needed). Self-managed project development and timelines.

* Left briefly to work on a large freelance project. Freelanced for PPK in the interim before returning to work full time.

Inverted Forest - Saint Petersburg, FL

July 2012 – December 2014

Founded and managed a freelance interactive development company. Managed a team of artists and additional programmers to help design and develop games & interactive exhibits using Unity3D, Objective-C, and AS3. Wrote ad-distribution software using Go. Developed custom content management systems using Yii2 and occasionally Wordpress.

Interactive Programmer
Tampa Digital Studios – Tampa, FL

June 2008 – February 2011

Developed content management systems using Yii and Drupal. Created multiple Flash games and maintained existing Flash apps. Managed projects and assigned tasks to other programmers. Setup and maintained multiple development and production servers.

About Me

I'm a full-stack web developer specializing in web application and CMS development using PHP and Javascript. The projects I enjoy most are interactive tools to help make someone’s life easier.

I've been working in an agency setting for over 12 years now. This has allowed me to work with a wide range of clients and projects, and a diverse set of programming languages, frameworks, and platforms in order to get the job done. [1]

I've touched all aspects of the development cycle including tasks such as project management, design, infrastructure design, database design, server setup & management, API & backend development, and frontend development. I've developed custom content management systems, interactive web tools, single page apps, lead generating websites, e-commerce websites, native & Javascript-based iOS apps, educational games, interactive exhibits, and more.

My experience has led me to get pretty good at figuring things out and making things work.

Additional tidbits about me:

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